Current SIRES



Image Source: Ascot Cattle Co.

We inspected Hallmark in March 2018 having been impressed by many of his progeny in the previous 12 months. Hallmark transmits immense weight for age, length and style into his sons. His daughters are smoothly made cows with enormous capacity and beautiful head carriage. Hallmark was used in our 2018 AI & ET programs.

K400 d.jpg


Image Source: Millah Murrah Angus

We visited Millah Murrah in April 2018 during very dry times to inspect Kruse Time. He was in beautiful condition. He is a moderate framed bull with sound structure and feet. It was impressive to watch him move so freely despite carrying such an immense amount of muscle. A top sire in the making, we used him in our 2018 AI & ET programs.


Image source: Ben Simpson

We purchased Revenue M4 for $35,000 at the 2017 Booragul Angus Bull Sale in partnership with Knowla Livestock and Palgrove. Revenue M4 has exceptional length, a powerful hind quarter and stands on very good feet. He returned for stud duties in the paddock here in 2018. Sons sell in 2019.


Image source: Angus Australia / Ben Simpson

We admired K42 at the 2015 Millah Murrah Bull Sale when he sold for $80,000. One of the most visually attractive sires we had seen in some time, he breeds true to his own type, transmitting depth and softness. As we hoped, his daughters are beautiful. A son was equal top price at our 2018 bull sale. We returned to Klooney again in our 2018 AI & ET programs.


Image source: ABS Global Australia

Perennial “go to sire”, Emperor has been widely used in the Angus breed after selling for $91,000 in 2011. He is an exceptional sire as he injects solid weight for age, soft fleshing and outstanding data. A son was equal top price at our 2018 bull sale. Sons sell in 2019.


Image source: Ross Thompson, Millah Murrah Angus

Complement is the first sire that we have used directly out of USA. He breeds cattle with good top line muscle expression and provides a balanced number set. His calves here are showing tremendous thickness from an early age. Sons sell in 2019.


Image source: Ben Simpson / Millah Murrah Angus

Lakeside was our ‘pick’ bull when he sold for $54,000 at the 2016 Millah Murrah bull sale. He is deep & wide with good balance and a strong Angus head. His maternal pedigree is classy. A full sister to his dam sold for $52,000 at the 2017 Millah Murrah Female sale. His heifer calves here are outstanding. We used Lakeside again in our 2018 AI program. Sons sell in 2019.


Image source: ABS Global Australia

Out of New Zealand, Reality has stamped his place in the Australian Angus industry as a bull to moderate some of the higher growth cattle in the breed. We selected him for use over bigger framed cows in the herd and his calves here have all been born early and unassisted. He is known to add softness and sound structure. He was used again by AI in 2018. Sons sell in 2019.


Joker completed a 6 week joining before going on to sell as top weight and top price at our 2015 Bull Sale. We collected semen from the bull to enter him in Cohort 6 of the Angus Sire Benchmarking Program. His progeny here continue to impress us with their length, growth pattern and overall style. We used him in our 2018 AI & ET programs and will continue to trickle him into our herd for some years to come.


Image source: Ben Simpson

Wattletop Docklands M301 was purchased at the 2017 Wattletop Bull Sale. M301 provides an outcross pedigree, good weight for age and an excellent set of data. His first crop of calves are impressive and he continues stud duties in the paddock here in 2018.

Influential Past Sires

Comfort Hill EXT X293

Comfort Hill X293 was purchased after he won Supreme Angus Exhibit and was part of the Hordern Trophy winning team at the 2005 Sydney Royal Easter Show. Of the bulls used in our herd in the last decade, none have been more influential. Phenotypically, his daughters are exceptional. They represent the core of our herd today.

Patawalla Sandy B35

Image source: Ben Simpson

B35 was an extremely thick bull with excellent mobility. Footage of this bull is available on the Media page of this site. Like Comfort Hill X293, this bull has left us with exceptional daughters who are high volume, feminine cows.

Millah Murrah Tex D211

Image source: Ben Simpson

Tex was an athletic bull who put plenty of length into his progeny. He has bred plenty of excellent bulls (like Joker) over the last few years and his daughters are sound, large framed cows.